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Stephanie Malouf

Specialization: Nutrition

Stephanie is an Accredited Nutritionist with a practical perspective on healthy living. Having come from a corporate background, first completing a Business Degree and working both locally and in New York, she knows what it’s like to be busy, stressed out and to burn the candle stick at both ends. Through her own experience and determination to heal herself using food as medicine, she discovered that finding a healthy balance and restoring your health doesn’t need to be difficult, yet it can be life-changing.
Stephanie went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Science; Nutritional Medicine and now passionately works with a range of clients to optimise their health, using holistic and practical solutions that fit in with their lifestyle.
Areas of Practice
Stephanie believes that good health starts with a properly functioning digestive system. The ability to absorb all your nutrients and eliminate toxins effectively are the two most basic and important foundations of good health. How your digestive system functions, has both a direct and indirect impact on every single cell in your body from the inner core to your skin and hair. For this reason, optimising digestive health is a key focus of Stephanie’s practice.
Other areas of Stephanie’s practice include:
– Weight management & metabolic related conditions
– Detoxification
– Immune health e.g. Allergies and autoimmune conditions
– Hormonal health e.g. Type 2 diabetes, thyroid regulation, PCOS.
– Stress & anxiety
– Musculoskeletal related conditions
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